With the changing scenario and trend, Bhopal populace is absolutely aware of the modern Mega brands and is getting exposed to the International Mall Experience in the neighboring big cities and is clamoring for Big Malls in Bhopal. Sandhya Prakash’s Aura will feature diligently displayed product mix and a selection of brands and products that would cater to the needs of everyone in the family.

Unlike other Shopping Malls Aura will be “A Studio Mall”, a Mall with a theme. This will offer one stop shopping experience to its customers under 4F i.e. Fun, Food, Films, and  Fashion: “The Complete Family Mall”.

Considering the retail business prospective, the location of a retail entity is very important. Aura mall is located in the heart of Arera Colony, which is one of the largest residential areas in Bhopal. Interspersed with plantations, trees and gardens, it is a posh area of the city and occupies a large area of the southern part of the city.

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